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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Illusion Crochet Baby Blanket

Ok first off I want to thank Debbie for sharing her graph with me. I am in love with this technique as it's fun to make, very rewarding as you see results instantly, as well as fast!

Here's Joshua's baby blanket. The camera picks up the illusion more then the naked eye does. You don't see the hearts as much when you look straight on, you just see blue and white stripes (an a tad bit of an outline of the image)

I then added a pannel in the middle and graphed his name in so it's personalized to him.

This is what he'll see as he rolls over and lifts his head up, rows and rows of hearts!

And here's Joshua enjoying his new blanket on a very very happy and special day!

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Baby Mits

Here is a quick little pair (unfortunately too little) of baby mittens I made for a friend. It was just some basic cotton I had and thought they would work out. This is the risk you take trying to size items for a baby a continent away!

Fortunately, a friend of hers is due in a few weeks so they will be passed along to a newborn who can hopefully use them.