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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Some Past Crochet Projects

This was badly needed! I use to keep my hooks in an old baby wipe container, but, when I wanted to travel with crochet projects I had to make sure I had THE 1 I needed and storing it was a pain. I foundthis pattern and fell in love. Theres plastic canvas inbetween the layers so its rigid like a book and holds many, not all, many of my hooks for handy use and I can stick tapestry needles in it to store as well.

This was the second pattern I ever made. I had learned how to crochet an afghan stitch afghan and it would take me 2-3 months to complete a twin sized afghan. I made many but then got bored with the pattern but I didn't know how to double crochet or anythign I only knew the afghan stitch. I bought a learn to crochet book and learned the other stitches, discovered MAM's and went OMG an afghan I can complete in less then 3 mo??? I had to try one.

I love this pattern for sports benies. The black and white hat is a soccer theme hat and the blue and white hat is a baseball theme hat. The green hat I used this pattern just didn't change colors and now its one of my favorite benie patterns for hats to ship to the soldiers.

This is the home spun ripple afghan I made for my fiance for this past Christmas. Ofcourse he couldn't knwo what I was up to. I was making many items for family members and I would be up late at night crocheting. At the time we lived together, worked together, spent every waking moment together, so it was hard to hide from him the fact I was makign an afghan for him for the holidays. So this was completed by working on it for about 3 weeks, prior to Christmas 2005, around 2am every morning when he was in bed thinking I was up late working on someone elses present. The finished size is almost a full sized afghan.


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