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Sunday, February 19, 2006

WIP's gallore

WIP's = works in progress
WIM's = works in mind
Well we are prepping to move. I don't have a closing date but I have a ton of stuff and not enough boxes. We've been going through everything, purging, packing, archiving etc.
I started cleaning out the master closet. To explain my odd closet its a walk in closet about 4ft in width and 5ft in depth. At the back of the closet on the left hand side theres another space about 2ft in width and 5ft in depth, and behind this there are doors to the old attic eve's, since our master bedroom suite is an attic covnversion. Well that 2ftx5ft space has long been a dumping ground to get things out of the way and then the eves are unreachable. I found WIP's I started years ago and forgot.
I have the body of a witch made for halloween, she needs her dress, hat, hair and facial features though. An afghan I needed to edge, another afghan almost finished. I put these back there after my ex moved out and I wanted to get rid of any signs of hi m nd rearrange MY room how I wanted it. I did so and put these away so they didn't get damaged and weren't in the way and then totally forgot about them
Now I have more WIP's to add to what I'm already working.
Currently I'm working on a NY Giants afghan, row count, a Redskins afghan, row count, a ripple/puff afhan in ecru cotton, and a knit poncho in ticker tape.
lol I need to start finishing a WIP before starting a WIM.
pics to come soon....


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