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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My First Afghan

Ok I have talked about it enough. When I first learned to crochet it was because a friend of mine, Cindy (waves) , came to stay with me for a week. She is an avid crocheter and was making this beautiful afghan. I had never seen a crocheted item like this so I asked her to teach me how to crochet. We joked about how obsessive my craft stash was because even though I didn't crochet I had a bin of yarn and a fulls et of crochet hooks LOL. Well I picked up some baby verigated dazaller and began. I successfully learned how to crochet and Cindy had to leave town to go back home. BUT, I didn't know how to do anything but chain, afghan stitch and a sc border. Well I ended up making a crib sized afghan and gifting it to a friend. that was my real FIRST afghan, or crochet item period. I then made each of my children, my niece andmyself one of these afghans, all twin bed sized, before I was going out of my mind and went and bought a book to teach me other stitches and how to read a pattern. So these pictures are of the second crochet item I ever made, a twin sized afghan, in the afghan stitch, for my youngest son.

This is the full afghan. It was done in the old Red Heart blue fleck and red fleck with grey in some yarn I have no idea what yarn exactly I didnt really pay attention to such things at this time in my crocheting life. It looks liek many squares sewn together but is actually worked in rounds of squares around the afghan untill you achieve your finished size.

This is the back of the afghan. After the first one I got creative and attached pockets to the back. These afghans are heavier then a down blanket and tweice as warm. In the winter you can curl up and stick your feet in the pocket to keep them extra toasty. Or, you can fit a small pillow into the pocket and their perfect to lay out ona floor for sleep overs.

Then in the summer to store we roll the afghan up and stuff it into its own pocket. You've seen these in afghans generally made out of granny square motifs. I had noever seen one ina crochet item when I did this I only knew of quiltaroos people make when sewing. So My second ever crochet item I mastered the afghan stitch, modified th epattern to suit my needs, I never had the written pattern just verbal directions I altered to fit the size I wanted, modified it further for the pocket on the back. Posted by Picasa


At Friday, April 06, 2007 11:59:00 PM , Blogger Dorith said...

This is beautiful and so handy!
Greetings ~ Dorith in Israel

At Wednesday, April 11, 2007 1:55:00 PM , Anonymous Louise in Ontario said...

I love the pattern of your afghan, and the colours are great together!
Where did you find the pattern?

Louise in Ontario
(from the tunisian crochet group on Yahoo)

At Wednesday, April 11, 2007 3:38:00 PM , Blogger Buggy said...

This was, as I was told by the friend that taught me to make it, a pattern from hershrners that is no longer in publication or under copyright. I guess she contacted them to find out and they had sent her a letter stating the copy right ran out she was free to pass it along, but, I don't have a copy of that letter and never wrote down the pattern LOL I just know it from heart from doing it so many times.


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