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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

IN Progress Pics of the Floors

The floors were stripped, sanded and refinished. We went with a dark red mahogany stain as the open area of the main living areas allowed this, and they hide dirt and scuffs better. This pic shows while I was applying the stain

Theres Nick ripping off wallpaper in my office. The floors were stained at this point but not dry enugh to seal...yikes it took almost a week for the stain to dry!

While waiting on the stain drying we threw tarps on the floor and ripped down wallpaper in my office. It was a horrible 1980's vinyl paper with a steel grey background and little pink flowers in it and a shiny surface YUCK! It's all gone now and soon I'll have updated pics of the room painted and furnished.

Finally after a week of waiting we were able to poly the floors. 3 coats in oil based gloss poly as it is the most durable finish, and the finish that takes the longest to dry! It took almost 2 weeks for the floors to dry in full . It was about 5 days until we could walk on the floors in stocking feet and another 10 or so untill we could move furniture in. They are done now! Posted by Picasa


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