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Friday, March 03, 2006


Here's two of the back packs I made for teenaged cousins for the holidays. The pattern is very easy and these sack style bags are very popular for school and on college campuses. I have tons of people ask me about them and the pattern is so easy. I used Red heart super saver for the black bag, 2 strands held together through out. I used 3 strands of caron simply soft for the hot pink bag. The girls loved them. I found the pattern on Lion Brands website and then just played around with the size bag I wanted. Even though the pattern calls for a J hook and 28 ch to start I used a K hook and 40ch to start. Mine came out the size of a 5 subject note book, possibly a bit bigger, th epattern came out too small for the use I had in mind. The girls love them because they can carry 2-3 notebooks in them for classes and not have to have a huge bag, but something stylish. Posted by Picasa


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