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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Waiting for the appraisal

So the house saga continues....
Our city recieved a federal grant for led abbatment and rehabilitation of the city, not a specific area, any part of the city. Well we were accepted on the program and things started to fly. The city aids in paying closing costs so on their recommendation we went back to the sellers to sign a new contract.
Our original contract stated a price for the home with a 3% sellers concession (they give us 3% of the selling pice back at closing) to help pay closing costs. Well, if we kept the sellers concession the city could not help pay for portions of th ehome. So we asked them to drop the house price the 3% no concession, same deal really just our mortgage would be for 3% less. The sellers agreed and we signed the contract.
The sellers agent got the signed contract then went on vacation to florida. Our agent placed call after call with no contact from her. Our agent then contacted her senior agent about the situation and was just told "OH Joyce...shes on vacation she'll be back in a week I'll leave her a message". This was not what we wanted to hear. Without the sign contract we couldn't call in the appraiser and get a closing date. Our agents senior agent finally called Joyces senior agent and demanded to have the contract. So we did finally get the contract after the sellers agent was tracked down on vacation. It was all signed and sitting in her home office but her vacation took priority over her job.
Well with this signed contract they called in the appraiser. He is going today to appraise the property and then it takes 2-3 days to generate the report. Next week we are having a meeting with the mortgage guy and I pray I have a closing date by next week.
UGH I'm never moving agian....


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