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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Painting Pics - 2

We finally got aroudn to the office that evening. The color is different though, it's called saratoga Blue.

I got sick of going up and down the ladder all day 2 coats ont he living rooma nd dining room, so Mike got a chance. Can we say high ceilings? He's almost 6ft and 3 steps up the ladder to reach the ceiling.

Heres a view from the office, now all painted, into the living room. You can see a bit of the floors and how they look with the colors we chose.
For now the trim will stay the white we inherited with the house. From interiors of closets and matching pieces in th ebasement we know the modling is oak and mahogany, just not were the various woods are located. But, one day we will strip and refinish it, but, that'll have to wait for now. Posted by Picasa


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