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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Kids Bath FINALLY done

It did finally happen, we finished the bathroom...sort of! Ok so I still need to paint some trim and install it but that's all.

Click here to see the Before Pictures.
Now here are the in progress images. Looks do not decieve here that is cardboard behind the tub walls. The pretty green flooring is asbestose composite tiles and the old sink with split faucets left our home about 20 min after I snapped this photo.
It was a horrible job! The entire room, ceiling and all, needed to be restudded, nothing was square, level or anything. All the plumbing was put in new, electrical, studs and then we finally got to drywall, backerboard and such.
Here it is...
A new tile floor was installed and works wonderful with 3 kids in this space. The odd shaped shower/tub combo recieved tile on walls and ceiling with installed shelving for necessities. We first concidered just paiting the walls BUT we had over bought tiles and decieded to reinstall tile on the walls 3/4 of the way up and as a back splash to the sink. Of Course before we finished the wainscotting we ran out of tile and had to go buy more, which we over bought again, but, finally returned the extras. Then the fun part of decorating. We used the new curved shower rod, fish shower curtain with matching bath mat, soap dispenser, garbage can and toothbrush holder and a pale blue on the walls (was the kids choice not mine) . I'm just happy it's finally done.



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