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Thursday, April 05, 2007

So I get side tracked

Everyone has heard me state that this is the year I am going to be on the ball about Christmas. So much so to the point I have already started Christmas presents. No I'm not really that organized and plan on being done by July. I just wanted to make afghans for everyone and knew it would take a LONG time so I needed a head start.
But, every so often a pattern catches my eye, or a kid complains about loosing a sock or how they out grew the old ya know, they insist on growing.
So I did get a bit side tracked but I think the results were worth it:

Nick (blue verigated fingerless mittens) and Ben (camo fingerless mittens) managed to loose 6 pairs of gloves I bought them this year. It got to be the end of January when stores wanted to stock cruise wear more than winter wear, so what was a mom to do? Of course, look up patterns for 4 hrs, oohhh and awww, plan 500 more WIM and then come across this great pattern here.

So while I'm at this lovely site I have come to love so much I found these
I recalled the same 2 boys telling me how the slippers I made just 4 months ago no longer fit them, so I had to make these as well.
I made Nicks in camo yarn without the cuff. He wanted the whole slipper in one color, sole and all. I did do a double layered bottom that the pattern calls for, but, forwent the foam insert. The double layer makes them very warm and cushy, but, I felt they would hold up in the wash better without an insole.

Ben had to have his with the cuff in camo yarn to match his fingerless mittens. I have no idea why they had to match the mittens but they did. Again I followed the same pattern without the insole.

Well then St. Patricks day hit and the kids were invited to a St Patricks day Celebration at St Patricks Church, so I made everyone one of these

they don't take pics well but this is how mine turned out


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