My Life in Knots

Friday, April 06, 2007

A view from my seat

People always wonder how to work with so many bobbins attached to your work, especially on a large afghan and such. Thought I'd share a glimpse into what my work looks like from my point of view
There's 2 parts of my 4 part graph laying there, written all over, beat up and have seen better days. I always keep a graph and then make a working graph that I print off larger so when it's ok 3am and I am still crocheting my eyes doing go buggy trying to see itty bitty squares.
and all the bobbins and skeins. See they get tangled up and twist around one another or a stray yarn waiting to be woven in will weave itself into a bobbin. But, it's not as much of a nightmare as it sounds. If you keep the bobbins up close to the item as you move along, they only slightly tangle and can be popped back into their place when you go to pick up the next color.


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