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Sunday, October 07, 2007

1st official swap

So I am no longer a "newbie" swapper over at crafters.
I finally dived in and completed my first swap. The goal was to make your partner 1 medium item and 3 smalls within about 3 weeks and ship. I ended up making 1 extra large item, 1 medium and 2 smalls.(The sizes are judged by time frame they take to complete and not actual finished size of item)
It was fun though to craft for someone you've never met and have maybe limited info about.
Here's what I got from my partner

Here's the box with all my goodies

some cute blank note cards that had fabric scraps sewn to the note card

a cute needle case out of fabroc she did some bead work to and felt

This is a coffee cup cozy. It buttons onto the bottom of my mug through the handle of the mug and tsyas put so it keep sit warm as well as works as a bring along coaster.
And, then 3 sets of stitch markers woohoo
I have been using all this stuff as well.

Now for my end I had to think long and hard what to make what to make. I mainly wanted to do crochet but the one wish item my partner had was a set of hand knit socks. So they became the extra large project because they took me more then 10 hrs to make.
Then I made her 2 market bags both out of cotton. The first in a blue color way with 1 central handle.
Then next was a cream color cotton with flecks of sage and rose. This one I made with a draw string handle.
Then, becaus emy partner mainly sews, I made her this. It's a band in Tunisian that fits on the sewing machine. Then another band I made ot look like leaves that comes off the sewing machine band and fits around the wrist as a pin cushion.

So it was great fun making everything, and a great way to get to know members of a large message board area.



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