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Friday, August 24, 2007


I've not been blogging for a bit. I also haven't really been checking personal emails all that much, reading blogs I generally do, perusing online free pattern sites and craft communities. I've been BUSY!
Ok so get out the little fiddle and leave a crumb for the ant whose going to play it for me here. The past few months have been a living nightmare. Where shall I begin? Ok I know no one cares all too much so I'll summarize...
In the past month I lost a degree, had to fight with 3 depts who all contradict one another, been disenrolled from classes, lost all my funding and loan options. I have had to file against maggot in court, fired an electrician, had it out with a contractor, caught the WORST head cold that won't go away and has now buried itself in the glands of my neck. Broke the kitchen window, which is being replaced with in the next month or so, pissed off an entire foreign exchange student program, my daughters bike was stole, a table saw was stolen out of my garage and some homeless guy now searches my back yard every Tuesday despite the fact I've asked and screamed weekly for him to go away. We lost our insurance coverage, had to go to Drs and pay out of pocket, been so severely harassed by a company I have put the phone on DND, broke a cell phone, broke a cordless phone, lost a promotion due to internet connectivity issues, had a pregnancy scare, had a coming out of remission scare, have 3 kids with no class schedules and no class room supply lists and they start school in 2 weeks and have been over all totally broke and just tired!
Ok so where to begin on why I am now posting. Well I am still arguing the degree position with my college and I was re-enrolled into my courses. Funding has been found so I can continue my education, but, now its held up and I run the risk of being disenrolled once more. Court is finally working with my schedule and not maggots, new electricians are placing bids, The contractor profusely apologized and then came and put a whole new roof on my house and measured for windows. The foreign exchange student program has finally stopped calling me and we are set up with an initial Foster Care meeting next week to start doing foster care sometime next year (I hope). My daughters bike was recovered by the police, although it sustained some damage, no one knows what happened to the table saw. The homeless guy didn't show up this week, that I noticed, the cell was replaced and I got the cordless phone working again, I at least still have a job, I'm not pregnant and I'm sick only by way of the head cold but remain in remission. The kids still have no schedules but I got one supply list. The company that was harassing me, Dell, has stopped calling after being reported to the FTC, we are now working through the BBB to come to an agreement or we will be going to court. Everyone is insured again as well.
And, somewhere in all this I managed to crochet and knit some, clean out and rearrange the guest room and totally reorganize all the closets in my house.
But, I spent the better part of my summer up from 6-8am until 2-3 am. Most of that time was spent working an don my odd 30 min or 1 hr break those times were spent calling all over to get things cleared up, running all over the place, because of course when I needed copies the most everything I owned ran out of ink. Faxing my heart out and stressing out big time.
I still won't be blogging much as I still have some BIG issues left yet to deal with and my classes start Monday.....if I'm still a student that is.


At Monday, August 27, 2007 5:01:00 PM , Blogger My Little Corner said...

Whoa! That's one heck of a tough time. I hope things will continue to get better for you exponentially and soon. So proud of you and all your strength!

At Saturday, September 08, 2007 12:29:00 AM , Blogger Jenn said...

But, I spent the better part of my summer up from 6-8am until 2-3 am.............. AND TALKING TO ME ON THE PHONE!!!! LOLOLOLOL


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