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Friday, June 08, 2007

Arts and Crafts Home

I am going to try to set up a diagram to explain my yard and house. I often say the style and no one understands what it is. I found a useful link to explain Arts and Crafts Style Homes (Craftsmans).
What we have is a stucco sided craftsman with the triangular roof supports, open floor plan (in the craftsman style not the contemporary style as in new built homes these days) a low pitched roof with exposed rafters, exterior chimney with many windows.
Now we know originally the home had the traditional craftsman colums with stone bases on the porches. We still have the colums, they were removed and placed in the basement when the porches were converted to what is called a Hollywood porch. Portions of the stone foundations are under the porchs.
When we removed the carpeting we found evidence in the floor that shows there were traditional colums with built in's between the dining room and living room. The built ins no longer exist in our home and we have not found the colums to them. I believe they were taken out to run forced hot air ducts up to the second story, so now we have bump out walls where these built ins would have been.
We do have the original mitered molding. What this means is instead of having window and door molding nailed to a wall it's really 3 dimensional. The tops of the molding are mitered and fit over the top of the molding. The molding itself looks very simple in these homes, straight lines with no adornment of carvings, but, it's very intricate in many parts that fit together like a puzzle.
Now our yard, it's odd. To start we are on a corner lot, if you stand on the front street and look at my house to the left is another street, to the right is my neighbor. We have 80 ft of road front here. On the other side street if you look at my house we have 200 ft of road front here. From the front my lot extends back 200 ft, but, at 120 ft the back yard takes a right turn as well. This is where it gets hard to explain. Basically we have more then one building lot and our yard runs back behind out house and we also own the yard behind the neighbors house. If you were on the side street there would be room to build a home on our back yard with a yard behind that. This is what I need to draw out so people understand.
Here is my rough drawing. there is lots more space behind the pool and garage but I didn't draw this to scale. Here's the key. P= peonie, H = holly, L=Lilacs, A = arbovitae, B = box wood, GS = golden Splash, R = rose, S = Snowball bushes(not sure if they are what think links to but this is the closest I have found to them). On the wooded side there is actually a 1.5 ft path that runs by th ehouse the rest is full of hemlock, pine trees, rhodadendrons, azaleas and such.
So I have been working on the side yard by the neighbors house, weeding out all these bushes and plants. I have mowed and weeded the back yard, uncovered the old reminants of a flower bed and have some more hostas to put in around the box woods.
Eventually we would like a deck off the back of the house and to move the pool over so it's directly behind the house off the deck, because what I cna't show on the picture is that the back yard is a hill, a slow sloping hill so you can walk up and down it, the front yard I refer to as the grass wall, it's to steep to even climb. So a nice deck will help level out most of the yard and make it usable space, which it really isn't right now. On the side next to the neighbors I want to put in a pergola and a new walking path. But, I am trying to keep the landscaping informal. It is now for the most part and it's not fitting with the craftsman style to have really formal manicured hedges.


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