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Monday, April 23, 2007

Trying A Poncho

So I was flipping through magazines kind of bored at the moment with my WIP's and saw an add for a yarn wholesaler. As a sample to show what their yarn could do they pictured a model wearing a knit sweater and crochet shawl. I can't actually find the shawl pattern but I was inspired by the look and decided to design a poncho.
I have 10 random balls of luster sheen, each a different color, red, country blue, pale yellow, white, black, aqua, sage green, lavender, tan and mauve. I couldn't figure out exactly what to do with them but should have enough to make a flowy poncho.
I can't draw so I really can't show what I am invisioning as the finished project but here is my start

I started a basic flower motif I just winged off prior knowladge of how to make something look sort of like a flower with a border. When I started the second motif I juust joined it to the first as I went along.

Here is a strip of 7 motifs. This is going to be the width of my poncho and I am working the length off here and will attach with motifs to make a poncho, maybe fringe, maybe not we'll see if I ever finish it. I am intending this project to be for myself, so it may get put to the back of the line.


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