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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Babies First Easter Poncho

Most people know about my friend who is a grandma for the first time. Well her granddaughter is now 4 months old and will be having Easter dinner with us. I had a basket and was thinking it would be cute to do something for the baby. I may not like the parents of the baby, but, I wouldn't hold that against her.
So I was thinking my friends been complaining that the mother never keep sa hat on the baby, never has the correct clothing on her for the weather. She'll come out of the house dressed in sweats and a sweat shirt herself and have the baby in a terry sleeper with a recieving blanket and no hat, no sweater, no coat. Her excuse is the baby doesn't like to get hot and they were going from house, to car, to house and not really outside so she feels it's ok. I feel shes kinda lazy and doesn't want to wrangle a sweater on a 4month old and doesn't like the hat she owns.
I know the moms favorite color is Hot Pink so I figured if I made something that is easy on and off, in the moms favorite color maybe she'd be more inclined to use it? Well we'll see. But, I ran across this cute pattern and it looked as if I could complete it in a night. So I started it and it took 2 hrs to make the hat and poncho, frogged a few times and altered a bit to fit a baby wearinbg 6-9 mo clothes now.
I dug in my stash and used , after I started in one color and needed to bulk up the yarn a bit to bulk up the size, one strand of Red Heart Soft in medium rose and one strand of Jamie pink. I think it came out adorable and hopefully the baby will get to wear it.



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