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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Seaside Espadrills...sort of

In Interweave Crochet Spring 2006 there are 3 sets of espdrilles listed to try out. The pattern calls for jute twine for the sol and silk for the upper. Well I didn't have either but could easily go buy twine and I subbed in Aunt Lydias Denim Crochet for the uppers. But, I had major issues
1. First off the jute smells liek kerosene. The label states it is 100% natural and biodegradable yet it reaks
2. The pattern was odd! Now my gauge is never on with what's stated. I made a swatch with the jute using an M hook and my gauge, for the first time, was spot on. However, I made the first sole and it would have fit a 2 yr old it was so small. I went to the med size, to small, large, way to wide. So I had to improvise and did the sole using the size medium directions, but, instead of slip stitching row 3 I did a sc around and this seemed to help make them the perfect size 7 1/2's
3. Now I got the soles done time for the top. I used the denim thread and an F hook and my gauge was correct, I should have known not to trust that. Made the first upper using the large directions for the La Mer pattern, UGH looked like a band aid. I went to a g hook and the large pattern and the uppers worked out well.
4. Now I get the uppers attached and try these on and I just saw potential falls happening as the sole was so floppy it was bound to trip me up. So what I did was went back to the La Mer pattern and altered it. I made a chain of 22 to start and then followed the pattern through row 9. Once done I sewed it onto the back, added ties to the top of this and now They're Perfect!
Only issue is they were suppose to be for my daughter, but, try as I might I couldn't enlarge the sole past a size 7 1/2 without making them ultra wide. So I will practice with it more later and she'll eventually get her pair. I don't think they will hold up long though. I plan on using mine as deck shoes near the pool or just around the house, in and out from the patio. I doubt I would go shopping all day in them and such, comfy but I just don't trust the floppy bottoms.



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