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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pineapple Shawl from.....

This is a preliminary picture of the shawl I have been working on. I wanted to try it out, wa sbored with my current WIP's and had 5 balls of Aunt Lydia's Fashion Thread size 3. I figured I'd try this pattern out, but, with a J hook and 1 strand of thread.
Well this wasn't working for me after several rows, like row 22. I ripped it all out and started over with a K hook and 2 strands of thread held together. The size was now going well for what I wanted but around round 26 I ran out of thread UGH. I had to run to walmart at 1am to aquire more to finish. However, Walmart only had 2 balls left. I bought them knowing this wouldn't be enough. Got home worked on it more and more on sunday. Half way through one of the balls of thread the ball was full of snags, tie off's that were fraying, not one, one I could have delt with, liek every 5 inches. So I had to rip it all out again back to round 26. Took this bad ball of thread back to Walmart, got the 2 balls they now had, went home to unwind these first to make sure I could work with them. I got started again, round 29 ran out of thread.
I ran this time to AC Moore as I knew I bought Walmart out. AC Moore had 2 balls to purchase, which I did. Came back home, worked on this more Monday to rip it out 2-8 rounds 3 more times because I was making dumb mistakes.
I finally finished off the last point on the final pineapple and need to border the whole item guessed it...I ran out of thread. I don't have time today to go find more so it will have to wait until this weekend to be finished. Turned out very nice though. I haven't measured the size but to me it's a perfect shawl size, can wrap full around the shoulders and cross in front slightly but not too long in the back. Could be tied at the waist for decoration or a beach cover up as well.


At Tuesday, June 12, 2007 7:38:00 PM , Blogger Eugene D. Gibson said...

I must confess I am a 35 blk male from the Bahamas and when I was younger as my Grandmother taught my female cousins to crochet I coerced into teaching me a littl( until my Grandad found out....sad)but always admired fols who could create skillfull patern and designs from your craft!

At Wednesday, June 13, 2007 4:15:00 PM , Blogger Buggy said...

I think you should pick up a hook and relearn! Times have changed and trust me the female members of groups that crochet and knit go all ohhh and ahhh over the few male members that have been joining their ranks. Fiber arts were done by both men and women not even 100 yrs ago and someone making anything gives a sense of acomplishment.


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