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Friday, December 14, 2007

12 Days of Christmas starts today!

So most my friends know about the insanity of the 12 days of Christmas swap I have been participating in. It's been fun, curious, suspicious you name it.
The swap started out cursed, everyone involved had something happen from losing jobs, cars breaking down, hurting themselves, death in the family you name it. We have had up's though as well so it wasn't all bad curses.

But, tonight (12-14-07) was our day to open day 12.
The premis was we were to craft items to open follow the 12 days of Christmas. You could make, say for day 12, 12 like things, 12 things that fit together in some way...just 12 things. As you work your way down to day 1 the stuff will get more time consuming ending with the largest (or basically the one you put your heart and soul into) to be opened by the person you sent to, on Christmas morning.

The curse continued though as near the very end, time to send everything out to your partner, someone flaked on another person leaving 1 person who had already made 78 items with no one sending to her. So we all picked a day (or 2) made items and swapped them with her. I got to send her day's 12 and 11 stuff so for 2 days out of the swap I get to open 2 packages.

Here's how things looked under my tree and then daily I will post a new pic with description of what I received and what I sent, but, it will have to wait until both my partner and myself have opened the gifts as to not ruin the surprise.



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