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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Catching up

I have a lot of blog catching up to do least of which is cleaning up my side bar since most of the jobs listed have long since been completed.

In the past year so much has changed. We had done foster care for a few years and were in the process of trying to adopt a 5 year old in our care that ended badly and we are now taking an extended break from offering care.

My oldest daughter had moved out to live with her boyfriend, against our desires for her to do so but you have to let them go and believe you raised them right.

we finished off a lot of home improvement projects refinishing the floors on the second floor as well as resurfacing all the walls and ceilings up there, except for that's still not done as far as walls go.

My husband and i both started new jobs and now find our lives changing with just two children left home, both inmiddle school, and we've entered that time in life where we are much more free to come and go with no small children at home waiting to be picked up from school and no babysitters needed for a quick run out of the house.

so things have changed a lot in life in the past year! my last blog i listed a long list of resolutions and so far so good. I am planning on taking this Sunday as a me day as it's been a long 65 hr week at work. I wasn't able to clean all week as i had hoped because last Monday my washing machine broke. We purchased a referbed washer a few months ago and it's already died so the appliance place is coming to look at it Monday. I wasn't able to cook at all this week as food is low in the house and i haven't been home before 8pm any night. this is because Monday after I discovered the washer was broken, i went to go to work to find my car broke down. It's only 5 yrs old but now i need a new engine! the bills seem to be piling up so i don't think the resolution to not purchase any craft supplies will be a hard one to keep...i'm broke!

So the car is still dead with no cash to repair it at the moment, the washer is dead so can't do laundry, then some small appliances went as processor and popcorn machine. And, as many know, we have been fighting with the cable company for 3 years about our service which caused me not to have internet at home for over a year. Well it's still not fixed, they have given up on trying but have also given up giving us credits for lack of service so I have given up paying for service that doesn't work. so we once again face it all being turned off but it doesn't work reliably so it's not a huge loss. so my weekly blogging may have to be from work, which is fine i can do so and can bring in photos to post as needed.

But, the kids and husband and I have been doing more together, some games and movie watching. 2010 sucks as far as finances, relying on vehicals and my job just not being what i would like, but, at least my children are happy and healthy, my animals are happy and healthy and we aren't homeless....always have to look on the bright side!


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