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Friday, December 14, 2007

Day 12

We finally started opening last night and all through today! But, first in my boxes I got extras just because. From the person I am doing day 12 and 11 for only I received 2 bags of lindor truffles mmmmm and from my original partner I received 6 glass ornaments, glass paint, a cute little picture frame and a recent copy of Ready Made magazine. It was great to open and find extras

Now for the day 12 to the person who was flaked on. I wanted to send something for the holidays but not necessarily holidayish. My children (and husband) made me watch happy feet so when I saw this idea I fell in love.

6 happy feet ornaments for her tree
Then I made these just because they were equally adorable and I had some nice scraps of fabrics I wanted to incorporate into something.

For my regular partner I had far more time to craft and come up with ideas. Her basement had been flooded and she lost all her antique ornaments from her grandmother. I wasn't sure what exactly she had but wanted to make her something that was more heirloom to replace some of what she had lost. Being it is the holiday season as well I know I am not in the holiday mood unless it snows. These days it's hit or miss if we get snow on the holidays so I made sure to get her started in the holiday mood with snow we can all live with.
12 hand crocheted snowflakes out of size 10 thread, all starched and of course no 2 are alike!

When I made them and my children saw this was my 12 year olds favorite and apparently hers as well as it was the only one she took a singular picture of as well.

Now I was in the group that stayed up until midnight to open and I was so glad I did.
This is what I received:
From the person who was flaked on, her original partner missed out! 3 bags of sugar cookies, 2 bags of fudge, 1 bag of peanut brittle, 4 jars of sprinkles, 3 cookie cutters and 3 bags of hot cocoa mix.


Then from my original partner, we must have been thinking similar, 12 handmade gift tags. One side is paper she cut up and glued together and cut and the other side has to: from: then a hand crocheted border around each.

These are great because I always forget tags so this year I have no excuse and they are so pretty!

the to/from side is a nice textured paper as well. I may keep just one as an ornament to:me from: my fabulous partner

Now it's almost midnight again so almost time to open day 11!!! It's so exciting and after a bad day, or long day, or just because, it's really nice to have a little something to look forward to at the end of your day.

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