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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Honey do list.....

I'm not sure about everyone else, although I here from my husbands aunts life is like this for them as well, but, the house never seems done. There is always a job to do. Once you finish something off something else is broken, cracked, messed up, disorganized you name it and requires your attention.

Well here the jobs get divided for certain reasons like I do all the laundry because if anyone else in the house touches the machine they will break it (has happened before) and I don't want to go naked because of thats my job

The hubby mows the lawn and does lawn work because I'm 1. not an outdoorsy person and 2. I'm allergic to most of what grows in our yard;grass, evergreens etc.

But, it seems lately My honey do list is bigger then my honeys! How did that happen???
I have been working on claning it up some though and since I haven't shared many pics of the house post construction here's an item from my list now checked off!
These are the new windows we had installed on the enclosed porches. This is the front porch where there are 4 like this and the back porch is the same minus the triangular windows at the top. I needed curtains though as with 4 huge picture windows on the afternoon sun side of the house the whole front porch could be a greenhouse.

I had been pricing out yardage for large enough coverings in a material I would like then ran across these at walmart one night. $17 for 2 tab top panels and calculated I would need 3 panels per window. They look a big wonky in this pic as they weren't completely up yet.

They are a nice nutral color though with a touch of red which coordinates to the inside where I have greens and rust colors. So it's not matchy matchy, which I can't stand anyways, but flows nice. The problem was how to hang them. The porch walls are an old aggregate stucco over lath so sometimes finding a stud is impossible or being able to drill into certain spots. Also regular rods were not going to work for this. So between the hubby and I this is what we came up with.

Closet rod doweling I then stained with left over stain from refinishing all the solid wood doors in the house. Instead of large, expensive wood hangers which we knew would rip out of the walls like almost everything else had, hubby bought c hooks and anchored them into the walls. The effect got the curtains almost to the ceiling of the porch to help cover as much of the triangular windows as possible for heat and light management, kept the curtains just above the floor as well. It's low profile so we maximize room on the porch for use and don't have to worry about the curtains sticking out a few inches and they operate pretty well.

They now run the length of the porch turn the corner and run the width of one side where the 4th window is and have helped immensely with the heat, although it's still like a sauna out there it's not as bad when they were uncovered.

Best thing is for all this we only spent about $130. I mean it is a porch so it's not like I was going to do custom drapery for this area of the home, but, drapes can become costly as well as the hardware so I was pleased with the cost being so low and the over all look being as nice as I think it turned out to be. .

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At Thursday, August 07, 2008 8:07:00 AM , Blogger Tracy said...

Love the colors in the curtains.


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