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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Day 11

Day 11 has come and gone. I had to wait for everyone to open and to open my stuff and all before posting.
Ok for the person whom I was sending only days 12 and 11 to she opened her gift and has stated she's already added to it...officially making her a knitter!

I sent a learn to knit book, 2 sets of needles, enough yarn for a scarf, a ball of cotton for the first project in the book, end caps, a cable hook, stitch markers, a needle gauge and a small bag I made to hold all those extra little bits in

I also started a scarf for her out of the yarn (as she had requested a learn to knit a scarf kit and I find the easiest way to learn is to learn the basic stitches which really aren't hard and then to try the harder part of casting on correctly) I added red floss to the stitches with instructions on how to hold her yarn, where to put her needles and such so she could instantly start knitting her scarf before going through all the steps in the book to get to start it.

Now my regular partner stated she would like some new pot holders as her's were shot. I couldn't make just 2 pot holders OH NO! I made her a spiral trivet, 2 pot holders, and well what was suppose to be a rug but I ran out of cotton. I stash busted my stash of Aunt Lydias denim crochet I was saving up as you can't find these colors anymore and I actually can't even find it locally at all. So she got the last of my olive green and what we will now call a cookie sheet hot pad.

Then I made 2 crocheted towel toppers, a hot pad out of cotton over 2 old cd's, 2 cotton dish clothes (one being tunisian crochet but my partner even thought it looked knit), a scrubby I did in crohook inserting tool every other row so its a combo cotton/tulle scrubber and a plastic bag holder (or to hold her tote bags she uses instead to go shopping with)

And, this is what I received back!
My regular partner hand made all these bead, silver, polymer clay and even shrinky dink ornaments and sent me a miniature tree to display them on with red bead garland. It's adorable and we had fun decorating it! The other person whom I sent the knitting kit to sent me 9 packages of various beads and bead spacers, they are so pretty some hand painted beads, glass beads, crocheted beads and then 2 packages of silver fish hooks to make ear rings with some. They are really beautiful you can click the image to see the larger view of everything.

And now it's day 10 which I have opened hehe but my regular partner hasn't listed if she has yet or I'll have to post more later.....enjoy!

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