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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Big Kitty, Little Kitty, Mini Kitty

I played with the Hello Kitty pattern and using size 7 needles and worsted weight yarn made a larger kitty about 8in in height. Her sweater is a combo if baby weight yarn in mint green and a soft mohair in lavender

Here you can see the size difference between my original kitty and the larger one.

The since I went large I had to go mini. I used size 00 needles and bedspread cotton to create a mini kitty about 3 inches in height.

Heres the whole family. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kneedle (Crohook/Afgahn hook) Case

Heres the crohook case I was working on today. I actually think I will be using it for my dbl pt stacks as I have nothing to organize them in as of yet. I may be using it to travel with as well since I can get knitting kneedles, afghanhooks, dbl pt stacks, circular needles and crochet hooks in any of the slots. As shown above I am trying it with all mentioned above and then rolled it up, as shown below, and it would be perfect in a carry on bag. I have a trip June 1st and always love something for the flight, this may be just the thing.
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Childs Lapgahn

For Christmas 2005 I made my then 8 yr old this child sized lapghan out of his favorite yarn, Jewel Box.

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Sports Afghans

The hats below go to the respective owners of these afghans. My 9 yr old son loves baseball and my 11 yr old son loves soccer. So for my sons 9th birthday I made him this baseball afghan.

And for Christmas 2005 I made my 11 yr old son this soccer ball afghan.

I just washed them and pulled them out of the dryer and before they were swooped up once again prior to me taking a picture I snapped a quick shot, stillw arm and ripply from the dryer heat. Posted by Picasa

My First Afghan

Ok I have talked about it enough. When I first learned to crochet it was because a friend of mine, Cindy (waves) , came to stay with me for a week. She is an avid crocheter and was making this beautiful afghan. I had never seen a crocheted item like this so I asked her to teach me how to crochet. We joked about how obsessive my craft stash was because even though I didn't crochet I had a bin of yarn and a fulls et of crochet hooks LOL. Well I picked up some baby verigated dazaller and began. I successfully learned how to crochet and Cindy had to leave town to go back home. BUT, I didn't know how to do anything but chain, afghan stitch and a sc border. Well I ended up making a crib sized afghan and gifting it to a friend. that was my real FIRST afghan, or crochet item period. I then made each of my children, my niece andmyself one of these afghans, all twin bed sized, before I was going out of my mind and went and bought a book to teach me other stitches and how to read a pattern. So these pictures are of the second crochet item I ever made, a twin sized afghan, in the afghan stitch, for my youngest son.

This is the full afghan. It was done in the old Red Heart blue fleck and red fleck with grey in some yarn I have no idea what yarn exactly I didnt really pay attention to such things at this time in my crocheting life. It looks liek many squares sewn together but is actually worked in rounds of squares around the afghan untill you achieve your finished size.

This is the back of the afghan. After the first one I got creative and attached pockets to the back. These afghans are heavier then a down blanket and tweice as warm. In the winter you can curl up and stick your feet in the pocket to keep them extra toasty. Or, you can fit a small pillow into the pocket and their perfect to lay out ona floor for sleep overs.

Then in the summer to store we roll the afghan up and stuff it into its own pocket. You've seen these in afghans generally made out of granny square motifs. I had noever seen one ina crochet item when I did this I only knew of quiltaroos people make when sewing. So My second ever crochet item I mastered the afghan stitch, modified th epattern to suit my needs, I never had the written pattern just verbal directions I altered to fit the size I wanted, modified it further for the pocket on the back. Posted by Picasa

Hook Holder

This is my newest "Hook Holder" I made Sunday night in about 2 hrs while working...shhh don't tell. It holds more of my hooks and is working perfect for thread hooks. There's an inner pocket I find works well for circular knitting needles, a cloth measuring tape and the like. Then I added the button and hook for closure.
I am now working on a knitting needle (or afghan/crohook) case in the same yarn. Posted by Picasa

Newlywed Shawl

Heres the "Newlywed Shawl" I made for myself out of TLC Amore. I made it a little large but I love it to where under my long winter coat and then I can remove my coat and use this almost like a blanket in cold lecture halls. Its also perfect for sitting to work instead of runniing upstairs to get a sweater. Posted by Picasa

Some Past Crochet Projects

This was badly needed! I use to keep my hooks in an old baby wipe container, but, when I wanted to travel with crochet projects I had to make sure I had THE 1 I needed and storing it was a pain. I foundthis pattern and fell in love. Theres plastic canvas inbetween the layers so its rigid like a book and holds many, not all, many of my hooks for handy use and I can stick tapestry needles in it to store as well.

This was the second pattern I ever made. I had learned how to crochet an afghan stitch afghan and it would take me 2-3 months to complete a twin sized afghan. I made many but then got bored with the pattern but I didn't know how to double crochet or anythign I only knew the afghan stitch. I bought a learn to crochet book and learned the other stitches, discovered MAM's and went OMG an afghan I can complete in less then 3 mo??? I had to try one.

I love this pattern for sports benies. The black and white hat is a soccer theme hat and the blue and white hat is a baseball theme hat. The green hat I used this pattern just didn't change colors and now its one of my favorite benie patterns for hats to ship to the soldiers.

This is the home spun ripple afghan I made for my fiance for this past Christmas. Ofcourse he couldn't knwo what I was up to. I was making many items for family members and I would be up late at night crocheting. At the time we lived together, worked together, spent every waking moment together, so it was hard to hide from him the fact I was makign an afghan for him for the holidays. So this was completed by working on it for about 3 weeks, prior to Christmas 2005, around 2am every morning when he was in bed thinking I was up late working on someone elses present. The finished size is almost a full sized afghan.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Glamour Kitty

Here is another Kitty in the dreaded Fun Fur! Shes very soft though and the hoods really cute in person.
They are the same size. The Glamour Kitty just looks bulkier but what girl doesn't in mink?
And here she is without her hat on. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

First Hello Kitty Knitting Project

Here is my very first Knit Hello Kitty. Shes about 4 1/2 inches tall.
I attached a clip to her back so she can be hung off a bag or purse. Thats very popular here and from her eon out she'll be living on my daughters book bag. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More Pics

This is a picture of the Livingroom view from the Dinningroom. You see the Office off to the left and the front door leading to the front enclosed porch.
And, the other picture is of the dinning room from the living room. There is a working swinging door to the left which leads to the kitchen, the door on the right is the stairwell to the second floor and to the far right is the entrance way to the hallway to the bedrooms and bath on the first floor.
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More pictures

This is the front office I eventually want french doors on

This is the window seat in the dining room
and below is a picture of the tiny kitchen

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Door Repaired

I scraped all day and painted and finally it looks decent again. This is the door to the enclosed porch, not even the front entrance door, but, it had to be scraped and painted for the inspection.

This is the damage that needed to be repaired prior to the inspection passing. And, it was...look

The kids will have their own floor with HUGE bedrooms, full bath and my daughter has a 1/2 bath in her bedroom that we can convert to a full or 3/4 bath.The old transomes above the doors work and will be handy. Again there is hardwood floors through out, that I have checked out. The wall paper needs to go dont you think?

Want a Peak?

Well it's getting closer, our closing date. There were some simple repairs to be done, and I am anxiously awaiting to hear from the appraiser to see if they pass the FHA inspection. And then we need a Termite inspection which is being done thursday.. We should get a closing date next week. YAY!!!!
This is a picture of a portion of the livign room. Nice wood burning fire place.
We plan on painting, new window treatments and ripping up the carpeting to expose the hardwood floors.
I have been in a few times and lifted back all this carpeting. The floors are beautiful and need little to make them livable.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

This is now the latest project.. It's Saebath from Emily Strange (some animated show my daughter and her friends love and they sell the products at Hot Topic) . My daughter picked a turquoise blue yarn from my scrap stash pile. The plan is to crochet a bag and apply Saebath to the front as an exterior pocket.

I put in a snap closure so she could be easy to open and close. The opening is 2.75in wide so a little small for a zipper..and I didn't have a zipper. Word of Keep your Sanity though....don't put snaps on hand made crocheted items you may loose a thumb trying