My Life in Knots

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Next on the list

This is the next project. I am posting the before pics and then once finished I'll post the in progress and after.

We are ripping all this wallpaper down in the upstairs hall and stair well. Theres some area sof the wall that need to be patched, and then we're painting.

Then oh that lovely 1960's faux pink marble plastic tiling in the bathroom has got to go!

This is the kids bathroom how we found it. The striped curtain here is hiding where about 6-7 plastic tiles fell off the wall exposing the plaster. I mean I couldn't tell there was an issue...could you? Doesn't everyone hang a shower curtain in the back of the tub????
We're ripping it all out, the floor, ceiling, walls, toilet, sink. The only thing staying is the tub thats in great shape but all the fixtures, lights everything is being changed.
We are tiling, with actual ceramic tiles, the tub/shower area. We have to install shut off valves for everything here as there are none. A new hanging lav and faucet, new fixture sin tub and a new toilet, Then painting the walls and accesorising.
Miek claims this is a weekend job, I claim Mike is out of his mind. Who will win this bet? Posted by Picasa

Painting Pics - 2

We finally got aroudn to the office that evening. The color is different though, it's called saratoga Blue.

I got sick of going up and down the ladder all day 2 coats ont he living rooma nd dining room, so Mike got a chance. Can we say high ceilings? He's almost 6ft and 3 steps up the ladder to reach the ceiling.

Heres a view from the office, now all painted, into the living room. You can see a bit of the floors and how they look with the colors we chose.
For now the trim will stay the white we inherited with the house. From interiors of closets and matching pieces in th ebasement we know the modling is oak and mahogany, just not were the various woods are located. But, one day we will strip and refinish it, but, that'll have to wait for now. Posted by Picasa

Painting Pics - 1

Heres a Pic of the office before painting. The living room is done in a color called Loden Green.

This is from the living room into the dining room. The dining room is also in Loden green as they are so open to one another I didn't want too many colors going on., At this point I still need to ad furniture.

This si the diningroom into living room view. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

IN Progress Pics of the Floors

The floors were stripped, sanded and refinished. We went with a dark red mahogany stain as the open area of the main living areas allowed this, and they hide dirt and scuffs better. This pic shows while I was applying the stain

Theres Nick ripping off wallpaper in my office. The floors were stained at this point but not dry enugh to seal...yikes it took almost a week for the stain to dry!

While waiting on the stain drying we threw tarps on the floor and ripped down wallpaper in my office. It was a horrible 1980's vinyl paper with a steel grey background and little pink flowers in it and a shiny surface YUCK! It's all gone now and soon I'll have updated pics of the room painted and furnished.

Finally after a week of waiting we were able to poly the floors. 3 coats in oil based gloss poly as it is the most durable finish, and the finish that takes the longest to dry! It took almost 2 weeks for the floors to dry in full . It was about 5 days until we could walk on the floors in stocking feet and another 10 or so untill we could move furniture in. They are done now! Posted by Picasa