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Monday, December 17, 2007

Day 10

Unfortunately my partner was having power outages so she had opened her gift but wasn't able to come on and let anyone know. I'm glad she has power back now and all is well.
Here's my pictures of what I sent her as she hasn't been able to upload any yet. For day 10 I wanted items for her for the holidays that could just be set out and used as she is house shopping and has a busy life, so a tree may or may not be a possibility.
She loves retro and kitchy so here's what I sent.

10 Cjristmas Kitchy items to use around the house. There's 2 holiday kitchen towels with crocheted tops, a quart sized mason jar with a snowman cover, a pint sized mason jar with a santa clause crocheted cover (made with actual vintage red chenille) a santa clause toilet paper cover, a snowman thread book mark, a santa face door knob cover, a snowman door knob hanger, a ho ho ho sign to hang on the wall, 6 ribbon candy ornaments and 4 candy cane bead ornaments.

They were all so fun to make. I was actually lughing making the santa TP cover! The snowman door knob hanger is adorable and all these are on lists of things I should make for our home as well. I'm so glad she liked them all!
Now I received, well first the wrapping jobs she did were wonderful. She pointed out a good fact about the holidays and how so much wrapping paper is purchased to just go into landfills so we tried to come up with wrapping paper alternatives for all our gifts.

this was the before all nicely wrapped in tea stained paper.
And the after OMG so nice! 10 hand made note cards made by cutt9ing, let me say, perfect squares and then sewing them all together onto card stock. Then she adhered that card stock to beautiful note cards with matching envelopes.

Then she added 3 stes of clear stamps that say things like "thinking of you" "Happy Birthday" "hang in there" with some other stamps that coordinate with the sayings so I can create custom note cards to send out for any occasion.

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