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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Day 8

On the 8th day of Christmas Swapping my partner received from me:
8 arumagami figurines hehehe
Actually what had happened was her home was flooded and her gaming nerd husband lost his beloved atari system. I didn't have access to an atari so I saw this set and thought PERFECT! and he apparently thought so too. Then for my partner as well I sent her cat and chihuahua recreated in miniature form.

Now years ago I did tons of crafts from basket decorating, sewing, crochet, embroidery, paper folding. I mean if I could glue gun something to something I did it. I had tons of crafting supplies but slowly had less and less time as years went by. So When we moved I went through all my stuff that hadn't been used for years and realistically looked at it saying "I really crochet and sometimes I will embroider something and sew something but thats it" and I got rid of all my craft supplies.
But, now I want to get back into some different crafts because I see so many wonderful artists doing things, I want to learn new things. So I had asked for possibly a jewelry making kit or beads...and thats what I got!

This adorable miniature chest of drawers all hand painted with 2 sets of pliers.

and all these glass beads and findings to go along with it (as well as a book on things to make)
The funny thing was that on day 11 the person I partnered with for only 2 days sent me beads as well and they amazingly match the colors of the beeds my regular partner sent me. So now I have tons of beads and findings to play with and come up with something special.

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