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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day 9

My partner and I have both opened our day 9 gifts YAY (jealous yet?)
Ok so I saw this pattern for crocheted glass ornament covers and my first thought was "pretty but if the glass ball breaks your ornaments ruined" DUH it's a jacket you crochet and then slip over the ornament. Once I finally read the pattern and realized this I deided to make them.
So I sent my partner 9 hand crocheted glass ball ornament covers, of course, on 9 glass balls.

And I received 9 (ok 10 she tied 2 together and called it 1) skeins of yarn, 3 skeins of caron simply soft, 3 skeins of caron bliss, 1 skein of hand spun hand dyed merino wool, 1 skein of hand spun hand dyed bfl wool, and 2 skeins of hand painted merino wool. I am in heaven, they are all so lush and wonderful

here's the before,a nice sack made to wrap them all

the pictures don't even do the colors justice!

And, here are some more pictures of what I sent for day 10. My partner took better pics of them then I did.

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