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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day 4

Well originally there was a mix up and my partner opened her day 4 items on day 6 and then replaced day 4 with her day 6 items. So here is here day 4? day 6? LOL who knows but she loved it.

This is a double point needle organizer that has holes on the top to hang from cup hooks on the wall. There are three tiers so enough to put like 20 sets of dpns in there and the tan strip was left blank as she can customize it and write, stamp or embroider the number corresponding to the size needle she is keeping in that pocket. I loved this idea and need to make one of my own.
Then I made 3 needle cases. Then can each hold about 10 size 7 dpns or so, so great and roomy for double pointed needles on the go but not yet in use.

Here was everything together. The little green and tan things to the left are double pointed needle covers for the tips. So when the needles are in use you can put a felt end over each side and there is elastic in between to keep them taught and on the needles so your stitches won't slip off while in transit. Then the manilla envelope held lots of scrap paper i had collected all over, a bag full of buttons and such because my partner does a lot of paper crafts and ATC's so always is looking for supplies. Then the greenish/gray yarn is Italian mohair (about 350 yrds) that my grandmother brought home from Genoa. It's a small farm in the country side there that produces this yarn but onlt sells it locally and not retail. My grandmother has gotten me a lot in the past and was in Italy when I started this so I asked her to grab me some in a green colorway. It comes in a paper bag just off their spinning machines all dropped into the bag and not in a hank at all. I rewashed it all and smoothed it out so it was easier for my partner to ball up.

And, this row counter bracelet I almost forgot to take a picture of and almost forgot to put in the bag. It has 9 smaller beads and 10 larger beads. The idea is you wear it and once you complete a row you slip a smaller bead through the loop on the bracelet. Then after 9 small beads have been slipped through (meaning you have completed 9 rows) once you finish the tenth row you slip the 9 smaller beads back and 1 large bead through the loop, then, you continue on with the smaller beads. You can work and count 100 rows with this one little bracelet.
I received this wonderful spinning kit! Included was a card stating I cannot hold my partner responsible when I want to invest in a spinning wheel soon after learning.
There was a wooden drop spindle with a book on how to use this (and other types of spindles)
4 braids of hand dyed wools to get me startedAnd one braid had a sample of what the yarn should look like once spun up. It's beautiful and gives me an idea of what the difference is in look from dyed fleece to spun yarn

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