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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day 5

These are backwards this day I usually show what I sent first but blogger takes so long to upload pics then sticks them where ever and I don't feel like rearranging so much right now.
So without further ado here is what I received for day 5.
5 hand bound recycled paper journals. They are each unique and so cute. The covers are all different and I can't pick a favorite.

The inside is a mixture of paper from magazines and such and then yellow or white lined paper or just plain paper, some is hand stamped with to do lists, or a place to put todays date.

I think I may use them for projects I am working on designing and each project will get it's own book.

For day 5 I sent my partner a cute little set for having company or just a relaxing day home. It's a set of 4 ceramic mugs each with a ceramic spoon and then I made a cup cozie for each embroidered with a little Christmas tree. I then made 4 coasters in the same yarn, which was basic white but I used a strand of sewing thread with it to give a green fleck to the yarn. Then each coaster had a tree embroidered on them as well. I then made a gingerbread mix in a vintage mason jar and a tree hot pad for possibly a coffee cake or the ginger bread to be placed on.

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