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Friday, December 21, 2007

Day 6

OMG we're already opening day 6 items!
I sent to my partner:
Ok well I am not sure what happened because I sent her a gift for day six but somewhere in transit cards must have fallen off and instead the day 4 tag ended up on the day 6 gift and she opened her day 4 gift on day 6.

So what was meant for my partner for day 4:

I found this wonderful linen place mat and cloth napkin set. Somewhere in my snooping I found out my partner would like to start using cloth napkins daily to cut down on waste but her husband wasn't as thrilled about the idea. Now she has a set to use all year round.

I couldn't just leave them alone either. I had some vintage (about 1960's) findings for dress trims etc and some seed beads which I used to embellish each napkin.

Then I received:

A coffee and chocolate set up. 2 coffee mugs with 2 hand knit coffee mug cozies. 2 boxes of chocolates, 2 bags of coffee, 2 bottles of coffee flavoring syrup and 6 hand quilted coasters.

This was my partners first attempt at quilting which she is very proud of and I am thrilled I was the recipient of! The colors are wonderful burgundy, rust and browns. I already have all this stuff in use (ok ate one of the chocolates and drank some of the coffee lol)

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