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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Day 7

On the 7th day of Christmas swapping:
I sent to my partner:

A handmade pamper yourself (and spouse) bathroom set.
I used Tunisian to create to wash clothes, then made my favorite body poof pattern and a soap saver with handmade soap in cherry swirl. Everything is 100% cotton and very soft but durable. A set for her (in greens) and a set for him (in blues...which he'll get when he finishes his bathroom)

My partner sent to me:

a pamper yourself bath set full of LUSH products

She hand crocheted 2 wash clothes out of cotton, then felted a soap scrubber embellished with a crocheted flower and then hand crocheted a cotton soap scrubber with a wonderful vanilla soap inside.

Then I received 2 bath bombs and a hunk of tangerine soap from LUSH (wonderful store we don't have anywhere around here so I'm sooo thrilled with these alone) and a close up of the crocheted embellishment on the bath towel.

And, with all this bath stuff you have to remember NONE of this was planned. My partner and I exchanged addresses, likes, dislikes, if we wanted Holiday or every day items, maybe colors we liked or hobbies we had and then told each other to craft what ever we felt like for us on that day. So to each end up with a bath set on the same day was coincidental but a nice gift all around.

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