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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day 2

Day 2:
My partners one big wish was a knit beret and fingerless mittens and thats exactly what she got for day 2!

I looked at so many beret patterns and had so many to decied from, however, I had no idea which style beret she really wanted. I took my chances and went with just the classic beret with the thingamabobbie on top. End's up she loved it and said she always wanted one with a thingamabobbie.

Here's a close up of the fingerless mitten's that she took. I chose green because it is her favorite color and I figured this color which had a slight variation to it, would hold up well no matter the use or circumstance. The pattern was neat as well as the twist on the cables is reversed for one glove so there is a right and a left hand.

Then I received my big wish SOCKS!!!! I love hand knit socks
She asked if I minded she counted each sock as 1 and a pair was day 2 and I said NO WAY! she knit these in this cool self striping yarn thats german on size 1 US needles...size1!!!! For those that don't knit, thats an itty bitty needle and I know these took forever to make. I put them on immediately and loooovvvveeeee them!

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