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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day 3

For Day 3 I sent my partner 3 hand made bags. The first here was a vintage print material and this bag is HUGE let me tell you. I have made one for myself as well because I loves all the pockets. There are 6 pockets on the outside all the way around. Then, there are 5 pockets sewn inside and an insert in the bag that can be removed that has one large pocket for a small note book computer, magazines, books. Then that insert has 6 smaller pockets all the way around it as well.

Then the BIG bag in a small size lol.
My daughter fell in love with this, actually everyone that came over while I was making it fell in love with it, wanted to take it with them and couldn't believe I was making it for a swap. My partner loves it though and I think her expression was "Holy s&%^ I can't believe someone would actually make me this" paraphrasing of course.

The strap can either be 2 smaller straps to put over the shoulder or cam be made into one long strap to be worn across the body. It's a light sage green color in a wonderful cotton fabric.

There are 2 internal compartments lined. Instead of trying to show that while all together here is an image of it in the construction phase to show the vintage paisley print I chose for the interior.
Then I made her a small green bag (its green ultra suede) that has I believe 4 pockets on the exterior and a draw string. It's perfect for that smaller project like socks, which I know she loves to make.

I received...

A hand knit hat

matching mittens

and a matching scarf

Here it is all together with the piece of material it was wrapped in (and that I can use later for a project) It's so soft and the colors a pretty pink. It looks wonderful with my grey wool coat.

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